Gas Safe Register

Gas Safety

Gas safety is essential and having poorly maintained, faulty or badly-installed appliances at home or in the workplace can lead to gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning – which can all be fatal.

By law, all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register to ensure the safety of your employees, family and property.

With our fully qualified, gas safety registered engineers, you can be sure that any gas work carried out by AA Gas Services Ltd is safe, legal and completed to the highest standards.

Don’t just take our word for it though – always ensure that you ask to see an engineer’s Gas Safe Register ID card, which we are always happy to show before carrying out gas work.

What is the Gas Safe Register?

The Gas Safe Register is run by Capita Gas Registration and Ancillary Services Limited, a division of Capita Group Plc., and is the official gas registration body for the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey.

By carrying out regular inspections, it ensures that all 125,000 gas engineers on the register are qualified and safe to work with gas.

Our Gas Safe Register number is `511394.

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